"Deep Blue Dreaming" - part #2

This is my second armchair redesign. 
 Now I would like to talk about my design idea. As I sad before, the name "Deep Blue Dreaming" presents something that is between the dream and reality.

 This set will show interior elements of a room, in a pallet colors which depict the deep blue sea shades. My main idea is to present a real objects in an imaginary way, to combine the present moment and an illusion.
 The main objects are this two armchair that I was doing some redesign on them, a small coffee table, ceiling lights, picture frames and a decorative pillows. My installation will be making tomorrow, then you can find out what I am talking about :)

Have a nice day! 


  1. Lele Viki, znači ova tvoe e! Fenomenalno, bravo, ajde brrrzo stavaj tret del :)

  2. Ovoj cel set kako izgleda u sred park mi se sviga mnogu! mnogu!