"Deep Blue Dreaming" - part #3

 Hi, today is Sunday and I finally can find the time to show you a photos of my exhibition. It was extended for two days until yesterday evening. Most of the time I was there and am very satisfied of the people's reaction and comments. People understood what I was presenting, they got my message even before I started to explain my idea, which was that I am showing something that is happening under the sea... My connection between the dream and the reality was successful.
 As I sad before it was set up in the "City Park" in Skopje and during the day there were a lot of children with their parents. My installation was a real attraction for them. They were going inside the box although it was marked that it is not allowed to enter there, and they had a real fun. I let them to touch the fish that were swinging and it really looked like they were swimming. The kids reactions were something that truly made my day. Is there something more honest than that?

I will post more photos of my exhibition these days, I also have a video and I hope it will be ready soon.
Have beautiful and inspiring moments! :)

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